Did Gov. Rendell have a George Bush 'SR moment?'

Remember when George H.W. Bush was mesmorized by the "newfangled technology" - the price scanner - at the supermarket check out line back in 1992?

The episode revealed that the President had not encountered a grocery store in quite some time.

Now we know Gov. Rendell is a technophobe, but today he made clear hasn't been shopping for a phone or a TV or even read the news about stores that sell those products in a while.

Speaking at a rally in the Capitol for his proposal to increase school funding, Rendell urged the crowd of about 200 people to support his tax package because the higher costs hit the corporations who can most afford it. (Included are new taxes on natural gas extraction, cigars and smokeless tobacco and an increase in cigarette

He said, do you think Big Gas, Big Tobacco and Big Box Retailers can afford it? "Anybody want to come up and speak for Wal-Mart? For Home Depot? For Circuit City?"

Circuit City?

That Big Box went bankrupt in 2008.



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