Dems tell Rs on Tea Party: Join or Denounce

Betting that some of the more uncompromising beliefs of the Tea Party movement will be an electoral liability, Democrats are pushing Republican House members and candidates to declare whether they'll join the new Tea-Party caucus if elected.

And if the won't embrace it, the Democrats would like to force their opponents to denounce the strict-constitutionalist movement that has been providing much of the GOP base's energy in this midterm election cycle.

Blast emails will be going out shortly in Pennsylvanian's 3d, 8th, 10th, 11th and 15th congressional districts asking voters and media to push the Hobson's choice on Republicans. Locally, former Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick in the 8th CD is taking on Rep. Patrick J. Murphy (D.,Pa.) and in the 15th CD Republican Rep. Charles Dent faces Democrat John Callahan, the mayor of Bethlehem and an independent candidate who has suggested that U.S. foreign policy invited the 9-11 attacks.

"As members head back to their districts for August recess, the Democratic National Committee launching a full-scale effort to force Republicans (both incumbents and candidates) to stand with the Tea Party or disavow their beliefs," said DNC spokesman Mike Czin.