Friday, May 29, 2015

Dems blast Toomey for Opposing Jobs Bill

Pat Toomey opposes the middle-class becasue he does not support t he Hire Act, the Democratic National Committee says.

Dems blast Toomey for Opposing Jobs Bill


    Democrats are ripping Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey, a former representative, for saying he would have opposed the jobs bill that recently cleared the Senate.
     Today the Democratic National Committee released a Web ad, entitled “He Doesn’t Support Us,” targeting Toomey for opposing job creation measures from last year’s stimulus bill to the recent “Hire Act” that would use tax credits to help small businesses create new jobs.
      “Given Mr. Toomey’s background as a former Hong Kong banker, a Bush loyalist in Congress and most recently as the head of an ultra-conservative special interest group, it’s no surprise that Toomey’s positions are out of line with the interests of middle class Pennsylvanians,” said Democratic National Committee spokesman Michael Czin.
      When Congress passed the stimulus bill last year, Toomey argued forcefully that tax cuts would be a more efficient way to help create jobs. But, his campaign said the latest jobs bill, called the Hire Act, was poorly designed in its incentives.
    “The so-called Hire Act contains a net tax increase, does not eliminate earmarks, and employs badly designed tax incentives that will do little to create new jobs,” said Toomey spokeswoman Nachama Soloveichik.
      She said that the best way to create jobs would be with broad-based tax cuts, rather than targeted incentives which stimulate jobs that can go away when the stimulus expires. Toomey has called for a payroll tax holiday to help create jobs.

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