Democrat Attorney General candidates blast Corbett on ultrasound comments

Gov. Corbett's comments on proposed fetal ultrasound legislation have become fodder in the attorney general's race.

Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy today called on Republican candidate David Freed to join him in demanding an apology from Corbett for what Murphy called "offensive comments' made last week.

Corbett caused a national stir when he told reporters at a news conference last week that women would "just have to close [their] eyes" under a House bill making pre-abortion ultrasounds mandatory.

Both Murphy and his Democratic primary opponent Kathleen Kane have asked Corbett to apologize to Pennsylvania women and withdraw his support for the bill.

Corbett spokesman, Kevin Harley, said the comments were "taken out of context" and called the criticism "liberal partisanship."

Murphy said that such attempts to dismiss legitimate outrage are "ridiculous" and added that women’s rights are not a partisan issue.

Kane, in a statement, said last week the bill is an "assault" on women's rights. 

"Gov. Tom Corbett's semi-capitulation on the over-reaching scope of PA House Bill 1077 - the cynically named 'Women's Right To Know Act' - reveals his very real reservations about this unwarranted legislation," she said. "I remain steadfastly opposed to this and any legislation that seeks to relegate women to second-class citizen status. Let's call this bill what it is - a Republican, partisan social agenda."

No word on the issue yet from independent attorney general candidate Don Bailey. 



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