DeWeese calls for probe of trooper in drunk driving incident

Rep. Bill DeWeese (D., Greene) says the July incident involving a state trooper who picked up the wife of a Corbett cabinet secretary after she was stopped for drunken driving, deserves an investigation. By somebody.

DeWeese - who was indicted by a grand jury as a result of then Attorney General Corbett's Bonusgate investigation - said the people he represents want answers to "the very questionable practice of using state resources for a 'private matter.'"

DeWeese goes to trial this fall for allegedly using taxpayer-funded staff for campaign purposes. DeWeese said Corbett "set the investigatory standard with unbridled enthusiasm" (referring to the allegations under which DeWeese is charged) and "as such should want the same standard used for practices in his administration."

After she was pulled over following an early morning police chase near Harrisburg on July 10, Georgina Zogby - wife of Budget Secretary Charles Zogby - called her husband's office but was transferred to the governor's residence.

A trooper who answered the phone (Corbett was out of town) picked up Zogby from the jail.

“What we have allegedly a trooper who in the middle of night by deception took a vehicle, didn’t tell anyone, no chain of command and unlawfully took a vehicle and used those hours which is theft of services,” said Deweese in letters to Attorney General Linda Kelly, the Inspector General and the State Police Commissioner.

A Corbett spokesman told WHP-TV: “To compare a state trooper who on his own made the decision which may or may not have been the right one that took an hour to Deweese’s criminal activity is the height of hypocrisy.”

The Governor's Office says the incident is now a State Police personnel matter and said there will be no internal investigation.


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