Court reporters partner with Flight 93 history project

The National Park Service is turning to the best typists in Pennsylvania to help transcribe hundreds of hours of oral history recordings relating to the Flight 93 story.

The Park Service said today it is working in partnership with the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association to finish transcriptions for its oral history project, which involves interviews with more than 800 people.

The goal of the project is the long-term preservation of the individual and collective story of Flight 93 and the events around 9/11 for future generations, the park service said..


The Flight 93 National Memorial, in Stoystown, is the repository for the oral history collection which includes the stories of family, friends, and colleagues of the passengers and crew of Flight 93, as well as accounts of eyewitnesses, first responders, crash site investigators and support agencies, landowners, airline and traffic control personnel, members of the media, government officials, and those involved in memorializing Flight 93.

This collection is an invaluable resource for researchers, educators, and scholars, preserving remembrances of the passengers and crew recorded by those who knew them best, as well as the accounts of those who had a direct experience with Flight 93.

 The Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association (PCRA) said its 300 members, including official reporters, freelance reporters, and captioners, can provide immediate translation of voice to text.  

"Pennsylvania has some of the best-trained court reporters in the country. Our members are eager to use their talents for such a worthy cause. We had volunteers the instant the project was announced,” said Donna Cascio, the past president of the PCRA.

“Flight 93 National Memorial is excited to have the experience and professionalism of Pennsylvania’s court reporters volunteer to assist with this project," said Flight 93 Memorial curator Barbara Black. 'It will be a tremendous help to make the information in these interviews more accessible for future researchers and in development of exhibits and programs at the Memorial."

For more information about this project visit Flight 93 National Memorial’s website.



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