Corbett:more abuse victims will surface, Sandusky bail judge was volunteer

The Penn State sex scandal rocketed Gov. Corbett to star status on the Sunday morning talk show lineup, where he spoke on Fox News Sunday, ABC's "This Week" and NBC's Meet the Press."

Meanwhile, the website, Deadspin reportsthat the Centre County district justice who granted Jerry Sandusky the unusually low bail of $100,000 was a volunteer at Sandusky's charity, Second Mile.

Much of what Corbett discussed was old ground, he had covered in news conferences in Harrisburg and Penn State, his careful answers couched in investigative and board secrecy, but on Fox did offer his prediction that more victims would surface given the nature of the case. 

So far there are the eight victims listed in the grand jury report, plus at least another two who have come forward since the report was announced last week. Here on Fox News, Corbett says he would not be surprised if more victims come forward.


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