Corbett bans media at fundraiser - after invitation

Gov. Corbett promised voters an open and transparent government - except apparently when it comes to his personal appearances.

Berks County Republican Senate candidate Larry Medaglia and the county GOP party invited reporters to a fundraiser yesterday at the Reading County Club where Corbett was the headliner.

But no one except the 100 or so people who attended know what Corbett had to say.

Why? Because the governor tossed out reporters, saying he would not speak until they left.

A stunned and chagrined Medaglia apologized to the press corps gathered there. Afterward, Corbett was whisked out through a back door surrounded by security, according to the Pottstown Mercury.

The special election to fill the Senate seat held by Democrat Mike O’Pake, who died last month, is scheduled for March 15.

The Democratic candidate is former Berks County Commissioner Judy Schwank.


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