Corbett ad takes shot at Specter

A new campaign ad by Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett takes a poke at Democratic U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, and the old warrior doesn't like it.

The 30-second spot, which was posted Wednesday by Corbett's campaign for governor, makes no mention of his election foe, Democrat Dan Onorato. Instead, it takes shots at two of the GOP's Democratic bogeymen -- Specter and Gov. Rendell.

Corbett tells viewers, "The next time you hear we have to raise taxes because there's nothing else to cut, think about the $10 million for the Arlen Specter library."

The reference is to the widely-reported news story that Rendell had earmarked $10 million in state redevelopment funds for a library at Philadelphia University named in Specter's honor. It shows a none-too-flattering photo of the five-term senator.

Specter, who lost in the May Democratic primary for Senate, quickly sent reporters a rejoinder, saying: 

"Mr. Corbett ought to check the facts. The facts are that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is putting up $1.927 million to match $2 millon put up by Philadelphia University for the Senator Arlen Specter Center for Political Science and International Relations."

Do we need a neutral arbiter here?

The facts are these: There was, indeed, a $10 million authorization in the state's capital budget for the library. But the size of the project has been cut back, and that the actual appropriation from the state will be in the amount specified by Specter. 

See the ad here.