Corbett, Perzel, linked on polling place promo card

Volunteers touting Republican candidates outside several polling places in Rep. John Perzel's northeast Philadelphia district today had him paired up with GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett on a promotional ballot.

The prosecutor and the prosecuted together on the same card?

Indeed. Capitolwire news service reports female volunteers wearing Corbett t-shirts handed out ballots urging voters to support Perzel and Corbett and "Save your Neighborhood" and "Save your State." The ballot was sponsored by an organization called Liberty County PAC.

Perzel, who has served in the legislature for 32 years, including terms as House Speaker and Majority Leader, will stand trial next year on an 82 counts of corruption filed by Corbett's office as part of the sweeping Bonusgate probe of the state legislature.

One of Perzel's constituents told Capitolwire she planned to vote for both men.

“Perzel is a career politician though, so I am glad Corbett charged him and that made me more likely to vote for Corbett," said Brophy.

So, why vote for Perzel over Democratic challenger Kevin Boyle?

“They’re all corrupt," said Brophy. "Might as well pick the one who does the best job as a career politician, since that is all you get to pick from.”

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