Corbett, Cuomo make football wager

New York Gov. Cuomo is putting up Nathan's hotdogs. But exactly what Pennsylvania delicacy is Gov. Corbett wagering on Sunday's AFC championship game between the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers? Will it be pretzels or pierogis, pot pies or whoopie pies?

We don't know. We guess that means Corbett's so confident the Steelers will win he hasn't selected the foods - for the bet - or maybe he doesn't want to jinx them.

If the Steelers win, Cuomo will send Corbett a basket of New York products including Nathan’s hotdogs, chicken wings from Buffalo, Hudson Valley apple cider as well as cheese and maple syrup.

“As a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I’m happy to participate in this friendly wager with Governor Cuomo,” said Corbett. “And I’ll be even happier to receive the basket of New York products after the Steelers defeat the Jets.”

Corbett is anteing up a gift basket of PA Preferred products containing an assortment of Pennsylvania-made foods and beverages.

The winner of Sunday’s playoff game at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field will advance to the Super Bowl

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