Corbett shuffles top staff


Musical chairs continues in the upper echelons of the Corbett administration, where today a former Lancaster County lawmaker was tapped to help muscle Gov. Corbett's agenda across the finish line in the legislature.

Katie True, who served for eight terms in the state House and who until now has been commissioner of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs in the Department of State, will be Corbett's third legislative secretary in as many years.

She will be tasked with the unenviable job of bringing together warring factions in the legislature to accomplish the governor's agenda.

Her predecessor, Christopher Carusone, a veteran of the attorney general's office, was unable to win passage of any of the governor's so-called "Big Three" items: liquor privatization, transportation funding and pension reform before the legislature broke for the summer..

He departed in a shake up last month, along with chief-of-staff Steve Aichele, who was replaced by veteran GOP strategist Leslie Gromis-Baker.

The True appointment comes one day after Corbett press secretary Kevin Harley announced he was leaving in early September to join a Harrisburg political consulting and PR firm.

The Patriot-News reports today that a source tells them that Lynn Lawson, who was campaign press secretary to former Gov. Tom Ridge, will be named as Corbett's new communications director. Harley said late tonight he could not confirm that.

With the campaign season just gearing up and the legislature set to return next month (Sept. 23 is the due back date for those keeping track), though, we can't help but think the Corbett folks are looking for a little Tom Ridge magic to rub off in the months ahead.





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