Gov. Corbett signs first bill, repeals fire sprinkler requirement

Tom Corbett signed his first bill into law as governor of Pennsylvania on Monday - a repeal of a law that would have required all newly constructed homes to have sprinkler systems. (Amy Worden / Staff)

HARRISBURG - Gov. Corbett today signed his first bill since taking office in January.

The new law repeals a requirement that fire sprinkler systems be installed in all new single homes.

“This is a commonsense measure to keep new home prices within the reach of working families," said Corbett, adding that the decision about whether to install a sprinkler system should be in the hands of the individual consumer.

The bill was approved earlier this month by wide margins in the House and Senate. Oppponents of the requirement, led by the Pennsylvania Builders Association, said the original law would drive up housing prices. Supporters of the old law argued it would save lives.

Under the new law, builders would still have to make known to homebuyers that they have an option to install a sprinkler system.

The legislation was approved earlier this month by margins of nearly 2-1 in the state House and Senate.

Environmental groups opposed the bill because of a provision that would give an advisory board controlled by the construction industry, the authority to reject new building codes. They fear that would hurt future energy conservation efforts.




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