Corbett riffs on the 2012 election, golfing and government dress code

Gov. Corbett took an unusual foray onto the public stage in Philadelphia today, speaking to the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce where he addressed some of the top issues of the day. Corbett was speaking about the same time the School Reform Commission was voting on severe cuts to the Philadelphia school district.

Our colleague John Martin covered the event and reports Corbett took a wide rage of questions from moderator Marty Moss-Coane of WHYY, touching on the budget, the 2012 presidential race, how his bad back has hurt his golf game and whether civil servants should bare their toes in public:

On a day Sarah Palin motored through the city, the governor ducked a question on who would be the best President for Pennsylvania. “Let’s not talk about the field because the field is changing,” he said. But he said the nominee should have “executive experience -- not legislative experience -- somebody who knows how to make a tough decision, somebody who historically, if you look a their track record, has surrounded themselves with good people.” Corbett acknowledged he thought Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who decided not to enter the race for the GOP nomination last month, was an “excellent” candidate.

He also took a not-so-veiled shot at his predecessor. When Moss-Coane opened a question by saying “infrastructure was a big issue for Gov. Rendell….” Corbett piped in with … “in the last six months.”

The governor also got a few laughs when his host asked him about the new dress-code for high-level staff at the state’s Department of Welfare. Secretary Gary Alexander says women should wear stockings or pantyhose and leave the open-toed shoes at home. Looking at her own toes peeking through her shoes, Moss-Coane asked Corbett: Would I be told to go home?

“We’ll have a discussion on that later,” an evasive Corbett said.

Well, do you support the policy? she pressed.

“We’ll have a discussion on that later,” he said.

Asked what he does for fun, Corbett said he likes to play golf, but his back problems have prevented that in recent years. He also said his wife is about to get some dogs. He said she’s already picked them out, but was cagey on details, saying more on that to come.

The interview is scheduled to run Friday morning at 10 on WHYY radio and at 5 and 10 that night on WHYY television.



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