The fate of the state's open records tsar may not entirely be known, but one thing's for sure, she won't lose her job because of Gov. Corbett
For months speculation has swirled around whether Corbett would reappoint Terry Mutchler as director of the Office of Open Records or replace her with his own pick for the high profile job.
Mutchler, appointed by then-Gov. Ed Rendell in 2008 as the new office's first director, has been working week-to-week without certainty she would continue on since her six-year term expired in April. .
On Wednesday Corbett's communications director Lynn Lawson told the Inquirer that Corbett was expected to "take no action" on the appointment.
That would leave the decision to Gov-elect Tom Wolf, a Democrat, who takes office in January.
For Mutchler the news brought a measure of relief.

 "I'm very grateful to Governor Corbett who could have changed the mast here at OOR in the coming month, but instead is permitting me to continue during this critical transition in government," Mutchler said.

She said running the office without assurance of a new term has been damaging to staff morale and forced her to leave positions unfilled. The Office of Open Records, was created by the legislature to enforce open records regulations and serve as a public resource on issues relating to access to government records.
Mutchler, a lawyer and former journalist, enjoys bipartisan support in the House and Senate and many newspapers across the state urged Corbett to reappoint her.
-Amy Worden

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