Corbett cabinet capers continue

We are beginning to wonder whether some high-ranking members of Gov. Corbett's administration (and in one case, those related to them) need a course in civility.

Our latest episode involves a deputy secretary in the Department of Public Welfare who hurled invectives at an elderly woman who had parked in his primo state parking space.

Philip Abromats, who is in charge of administering the state's food stamps and temporary cash assistance programs, got into a 20-minute shouting match last month with a woman who had parked her car in his space.

Rev. Norma Kenley-Barber told the Patriot-News of Harrisburg she had parked in the space on July 20 because of its proximity to the entrance in order to use the bathroom.

"When he did come out, he said, ‘What part of ‘reserved’ don’t you understand?’ That was just the way he said it. I said, ‘What part of ‘rude’ don’t you understand?’

"Then he called me an a__hole.He said it twice," Kenley-Barber said.

Both Abromats and his boss, DPW Secretary Gary Alexander sent the woman letters of apology.

Abromats was stripped of state car and his parking space as a result of the incident, a spokeswoman for the agency said.

"Actions like this are unacceptable," said DPW spokeswoman Anne Bale.

You may recall, the Inquirer reported about several incidents involving another Corbett appointee - including one involving a parking space.

Health Secretary Eli Avila became enraged in May when a Blood Mobile vehicle was parked in his curbside spot near the Capitol. In January Avila verbally accosted a local diner owner for serving him eggs that "were not fresh." He later sent health inspectors to the diner. The diner owner received no apology letter despite his attorney's appeal for one.

Also today we learn that Georgina Zogby, wife of Budget Secretary Charles Zogby, will not qualify for a counseling program for a retail theft charge.

Prosecutors told the Patriot-News of Harrisburg that the 47-year-old mother of three will have to go through the trial process for stealing $248 in merchandise from T.J. Maxx.

Earlier this year Zogby was arrested for stealing $955 worth of groceries from Wegmans, police said.

[We must pause here to ask how nearly one grand worth of groceries can fit in a single shopping cart and how the wife of the individual who just lopped billions off state budget in the name of fiscal responsibility could drop a grand in the supermarket like Sex in the City's Carrie Bradshaw in a Manolo Blahnik outlet.]

Last month Zogby was charged with drunk driving after a police chase outside of Harrisburg. She sparked controversy after a state trooper left Gov. Corbett’s security detail at the Governor’s Residence to pick her up at a county jail.


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