Club for Growth vs. Sestak (Updated)


 Club for Growth Action has launched a television ad against Democratic Senate candidate Joe Sestak with what the group calls a "very substantial" purchase of air time. The independent expenditure will boost Republican Pat Toomey, who was president of the Club for Growth after leaving Congress in 2005 until he launched his Senate campaign early in 2009.

 The ad reprises familiar themes to argue that Sestak is too liberal for Pennsylvania, including his statement that the $787 billion stimulus was not big enough, the bailouts, the cap-and-trade "energy tax," etc. But it adds Sestak's vote for the $300 billion "mortgage bailout" - loans to underwater homeowners and propping up Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae - that passed in July 2008 and was signed into law by President Bush.

The Club has paid $335,285 to run the ad on broadcast and cable through Sept. 9 in the Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Wilkes-Barre media markets, according to trackers of advertising buys.

"It's not surprising that Congressman Toomey's Wall Street special interest friends are coming in from out-of-state to mislead Pennsylvanians about Joe's record," said Sestak spokeswoman April Mellody. "Former derivatives trader Toomey led the biggest spending spree in history with all the benefits going to Wall Street at the expense of the middle class."