Chesco commissioner, Obama discuss ‘the bump’

Pennsylvania politicos always enjoy rubbing elbows with the president; however, the main thrill for one Chester County official had nothing to do with politics.

At her meeting with President Obama this morning, county Commissioner Kathi Cozzone shifted briefly into her role as a mother.
Cozzone, a Democrat, said she got the opportunity to tell the president how much her son had enjoyed meeting him in  Philadelphia during his pre-inaugural train trip.
“He’s still talking about it,” Cozzone said of her son, Victor, who was 6 at the time. “It was his 15 minutes of fame.”
Victor, accompanied by his father, ended up giving the president a fist bump, a scene that quickly led to an interview by a CNN crew.
The segment later was immortalized on YouTube as “Cute kid gives Obama a fist bump.”
Cozzone said Obama responded warmly to the news that he had made a favorable impression on Cozzone’s son.
“He got the bump, did he?” she said Obama joked. “Well, tell him I said hi.”
Cozzone said she was grateful for the opportunity to hobnob with the president — especially because she could share the exchange with her son.
“When he gets home from school, I can say, ‘Hey, dude, the president says hi,” Cozzone said.
— Kathleen Brady Shea