Cawley sworn in as lieutenant governor

Middletown resident Jim Cawley was sworn in this morning in the state Capitol as the new lieutenant governor.

The former Bucks County commissioner, took the oath for the second-highest position in state government in a ceremony in the state Senate chamber. In his speech, Cawley, 41, stressed the new Republican administration's plans to embark on a pro-business, anti-regulation agenda. Cawley told the crowd that voters told he and Gov.-elect Tom Corbett on the campaign trail that "what's been done in the past is working for them. It isn't working for us. That door is closed."

At noon, Corbett is scheduled to take the oath as Pennsylvania’s 46th governor in an outdoor ceremony behind the Capitol.

Near the bleachers where the crowd will watch the ceremony, 200 anti-gas drilling protestors held signs and chanted anti-Corbett slogans. “Tom Corporate took $1.2 million from gas drillers. He’s beholden to them," said rally organizer Gene Stilp. "They have him in their pockets. Not just gas drilling issue it’s a reform issue cause given so much money."

The drilling protestors want a moratorium on gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale which they fear will "poison" the state's waterways.



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