Candy maker says Corbett missed the mark on jobs

In the ongoing saga over the state of the Pennsylvania's unemployed population (which according to the latest figures released today remains at 9.2 percent)... a Harrisburg news service has outed the candy company that Republican candidate Tom Corbett said had unfilled jobs because people would rather get government benefits.

Corbett is still taking heat from his remarks last week that several companies had told him they couldn't find workers because they were happier on the dole. When asked, the campaign refused to divulge the names of the companies, but did offer Capitolwire a clue: one was a Camp Hill candy company.

Reporter Laura Olson tracked down the candy maker: Warrell Corporation, makers of Pennsylvania Dutch Candies. An official there said Corbett didn't quite have it right. Kevin Silva a senior vice president, said he had heard from only one applicant who said that they could make more money (then the $11 - $15 an hour they could pay) on unemployment. (The average unemployment check in PA is $310)

Silva said the company hired 50 foreign college students for seasonal, entry-level work, not full-time positions, as Corbett told Capitolwire last week.

Silva said the company has between 12 and 15 full-time positions open, for skilled jobs as machine operators and cooks.

The Corbett campaign has all but issued a news blackout this week. Reporters' calls are going unreturned and there has been no notice of any campaign events. We just word from outside sources that Corbett met - yesterday - with Orthodox Jewish leaders in Philadelphia.

Back in candyland, Capitol Ideas blog lends a hand to anyone interested in getting into a sweet business (think "I Love Lucy," the candy conveyor belt scene) and posted the company's address:

The Warrell Corporation
1250 Slate Hill Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011

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