Can you be more specific, Mr. Governor?


That was essentially the message from Mayor Nutter, who traveled to the Capitol Monday to meet with Gov. Corbett about Philadelphia's school funding crisis.

What Nutter wanted to know is: what exactly does the Corbett administration want before releasing the $45 million in state funds that it has promised the city.

During budget negotiations this past summer, the legislature agreed to send that amount to the schools, provided the district made "reforms" to improve its financial standing. State officials never specifically stated what that meant, although it was widely suggested that the teachers' union needed to make concessions during its ongoing contract negotiations.

Nutter, who spoke with reporters afterwards, said he did not emerge with specific answers. But he said Corbett "clearly understood" the need for more information, and that details would be forthcoming.

"I raised my concerns about what's going on with education funding in Philadelphia," said Nutter. "I told him we needed clarity, certainly in Philadelphia, about just what kind of reforms that the governor is looking for."

"The governor clearly understood," said Nutter. "So I think it was a very fruitful and frank and direct conversation with the governor."


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