Berks Co. lawmaker seeks media-free roadtrips

Our Capitol newsroom colleague John Micek posts a doozy in his Capitol Ideas blog today.

Someone leaked him a copy of an email that Rep. Jim Cox, a second term Republican lawmaker from Berks County, sent to the entire GOP House caucus seeking guidance about how to attend farflung conferences  - like the National Conference of State Legislatures which is meeting in Louisville this summer - presumably on the public dime, without getting "beat up" in the press.

Here's Micek's advice:

The short answer to that, obviously, is "NO." And in the future, we'd urge Mr. Cox against providing us with such a fat, slow-moving target.

The long answer of course, is three-fold:
1. Pay for it out of your own pocket and don't soak the taxpayers.
2. If the dates of the conferences conflict with important stuff you've been elected to do, y'know, like the budget, don't go.
3. If your gut tells you it's a dumb idea to leave, then you probably shouldn't do it.

We hope this little talk has helped.


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