Attorney General Corbett: No new charges in Bonusgate before the end of the year.


Fresh off his reelection win this week, Attorney General Tom Corbett said he does not expect his office will announce any new charges in the ongoing Bonusgate investigation before the end of the year.

But Corbett told reporters at a post-election news conference this morning that he does believe there will be new charges in the case, which so far has resulted in indictments against 12 current and former House Democratic insiders. The twelve are accused of using taxpayer-funded state resources and time for political purposes.

“What I know right now, I would believe there are going to be charges,” Corbett said.

Pressed further, he would only add: “Right now, I would be hesitant to say there would be charges by the end of the year.”

Corbett was pressed by reporters to give some kind of timeline on the probe and when it might end.

“What happens is you get to a point and all of a sudden there is another nugget of information,” he said. “…There are so many rabbit trails that you have to go down. Some have something at the end and some have nothing at the end, but you have to explore them.”

Corbett said he is briefed on the progress of the investigation every day by his prosecutors and “I would say at least once a week I get a surprise.”

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