Attorney General Kane: No comment

On Monday, Attorney General Kathleen Kane said she would "love to sit all day" and answer questions about her office's review of why her predecessors took so long to bring charges against serial child abuser Jerry Sandusky.

That was before her office acknowledged that she had made an error on a key and emotionally-charged question: whether any children had been abused by Sandusky while the 33-month long state investigation was ongoing.

On Friday, Kane refused to answer questions about the issue, or clarify any of her comments. At a press conference on an unrelated matter, Kane said that she would only discuss the matter at hand. Asked whether she would speak after the event, Kane referred reporters to her press office.

When she unveiled the report she commissioned on the Sandusky investigation on Monday, Kane said there were "inexplicable delays" in the inquiry -- and suggested that may have set the stage for two more young men to be victimized.

She said the two young men told prosecutors they had been abused while the state was undertaking its 33-month investigation. Kane said she could not give details except to say the two were not among the 10 victims Sandusky was later charged with sexually assaulting.

Key prosecutors and investigators in the case immediately questioned her assertions. After nearly two days, Kane's office acknowledged that she misspoke - that Sandusky had indeed been charged with abusing one of the young men. In fact, prosecutors had called him to the stand during the 2012 trial and a jury convicted Sandusky of abusing him.

Kane's office acknowledged the error late Tuesday evening in a terse statement to The Inquirer but she has not personally conceded any misstatements.

Since that time, she has not responded to requests for an interview.


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