Assault weapons sale ban at large PA gun show draws fire

When he was asked on a radio program earlier this month about restricting gun shows at public facilities, like the Pennsylvania Farm Show, Gov. Corbett pondered the possibility -- for the political equivalent of about two seconds - well, ok, more like six hours, before issuing a statement that everyone is welcome at these public spaces.

Well, now the London-based exhibition company that runs the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show at the Farm Show - which bills itself as the largest outdoor show in North America - is doing just that.

It has pulled the plug on assault weapons at the show just two-and-a-half weeks before it is to open.

The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal reports Reed Entertainment said it is banning the display and sale of assault weapons - the AR-style rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines capable of holding 30 rounds or more - at the week long show.

A Lancaster gun shop owner said he was told the company banned the weapons because of "the current political climate."

The store owner told the newspaper he has asked Reed to change its decision.

Gun owners have opened fire against the company on social media sites across the web.

They are venting on the show's Facebook page and on sportsmen's forums, pleading with the NRA to help, vowing to boycott the show and even threatening not to support pro-gun lawmakers if they appear at the show's opening.

The decades-old outdoor show is a Pennsylvania winter tradition, featuring hundreds of vendors from all over the world peddling all types of firearms, hunting equipment, taxidermy services and big game safaris.



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