A Sam by any other name is still the same

This just in from the Sam Rohrer-for-governor write-in campaign:

The folks in Lancaster County who were at the forefront of an effort to gather write-in votes for Rohrer have put together a report on how many votes Rohrer received on Nov. 2 from that one county -- 785.

No word yet on how many write-ins Rohrer received statewide. The Pennsylvania Department of State said that will be coming when the election is certified.

Rohrer, a state rep from Berks County, who ran against Tom Corbett and lost in the May Republican primary, never formally signed on to the write-in effort. But he did not discourage it either.

Here's part of the the report that Rorher volunteer John McCartney put out to Rohrer fans Thursday:

"We finally managed to obtain the write-in votes for Sam in Lancaster County. We are working on getting similar reports from the other counties. Note that the two spellings that got the most votes were 'Sam Rohrer' and 'Samuel E. Rohrer.' There are three folks who evidently wanted either Daryl Metcalfe or Jim Lawley to be Sam's Lieutenant Governor. Other than that, there are 51 ways Sam's name was entered on ballots in Lancaster County."

Roher 2
Sam Roher 1
Sam Rorher 1
Sam E. Roher 1
Sam E. Rohrer 11
Sam Rhoer 1
Sam Rhore 1
Sam Rhorer 4
Sam Ro 1
Sam Roeher 1
Sam Roh 1
Sam Roher 13
Sam Rohr 3
Sam Rohrer 328
Sam Rohrer Berks Co 1
Sam Rohrer Daryl Mettcalfe 1
Sam Rohrer Gov 1
Sam Rohrer Jim Lawley 1
Sam Rohrer Lib 1
Sam Rohrer Rep 1
Sam Rohror 1
Sam Rorher 8
Sam Rorhor 1
Sam Royer 2
Sam Ruher 1
Sameul E. Rohrer 2
Samrohrer 4
Samrorher 1
Samual Rohrer 1
Samuel B. Rohrer 1
Samuel E. Rhoher 1
Samuel E. Rhorer 1
Samuel E. Roher 4
Samuel E Rohrer 302
Samuel E. Rohrer Berks 2
Samuel E. Rohrer Berks Co 1
Samuel E. Rohrer Berks County 8
Samuel E. Rohrer Berks Cty 3
Samuel E. Rohrer Daryl Metcalff 1
Samuel E. Rohrer Govenor 2
Samuel E. Rorher 3
Samuel Erohrer 1
Samuel H. Rohrer 1
Samuel L. Rohrer 1
Samuel P. Rohrer 1
Samuel R. Rohrer 2
Samuel Roher 3
Samuel Rohrer 33
Samuel Rohrer Berks Cnty 1
Samule Rorher 1
Samule E. Rohrer 2
Smauel E. Rohrer 2
Smuel E Rohrer 1
TOTAL: 785