AFL-CIO endorses Wolf in PA gov race

The fact that the state's largest labor organization announced it is endorsing the Democratic candidate in this year's governor's race is no surprise.

But some may ask: what's the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO doing backing a guy who runs a non-union shop?

"We're not in this for the dues," said the group's president Rick Bloomingdale.

"Tom Wolf is the real deal," he said. "Tom has been treating his people well."

Wolf runs the Wolf Organization, which describes itself as the largest supplier of kitchen cabinets in the country.

Bloomingdale ticked off the profit sharing that Wolf touts in campaign ads, the fact his firm has a grievance procedure and that Wolf has met every employee, just as he did when he was secretary of revenue under Gov. Rendell.

Bloomingdale said Wolf has said he would not stand in the way of an organizing effort if workers wanted a union.

Wolf, who hopes to unseat Gov. Corbett in November, received unanimous endorsement from the labor group, which represents 800,000 workers statewide.

In praising Wolf, Bloomingdale said he would provide a "new direction" where "working men and women are part of the solution instead of being viewed as the cause of the problems."

The AFL-CIO also endorsed Democrat Mike Stack for lieutenant governor.


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