A slimmed-down shadow of his former self



He's cut out sugar, fast-food and carbs. That includes the occasional glass of suds - he's only had four beers since August 18.

And yes, Gov. Corbett's counting.

Since going on a diet late this summer - at his doctor's recommendation - Corbett said he has shed 21 pounds.

His suits fit better. He doesn't have to punch new holes in his belts. He's even been able to pull out his skinny-clothes - items that were tucked deep in his closet, waiting for slimmer days.

The governor said his weight-loss strategy has been diet-driven, rather than exercise-driven: he's replaced sugar and carbs with high-in-protein foods. And when he's on the road, he resists the urge to stop for a cheeseburger.

"It's portion control and knowing what you're eating," said Corbett, whose goal is to lose 30 pounds.

Corbett said he feels better and has been sleeping better - his wife even jokes that he no longer snores. The only time he was bumming: when he was on vacation in late August.

"Half a beer on the beach," he said of his indulgence. "And I saved it for the end of the day."


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