PA Attorney General to file lawsuit over health care bill

The federal health care reform package has not yet received final approval but Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett today says he's preparing to file suit to block it.

Corbett - who is running for governor - will join Republican counterparts in at least 10 states who plan to file similar litigation.

Corbett, in a statement, said that he believes the courts will find the health care reform legislation unconstitutional but did not elaborate.

Other attorneys general have said the health care legislation violates state sovereignty by mandating that all Americans have some form of health insurance. One Republican governor contends the bill violates the uniformity clause in the constitution because some states got "perks" to win Congressional votes. 

Corbett said he is consulting with attorneys general in Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, Texas, Utah, Washington, North Dakota and South Dakota and Virginia.

At a news conference Monday Rendell called the lawsuits a "waste of taxpayer money."

In the state House, Republican Sen. Mike Folmer of Lebanon says he plans to introduce a bill to prevent Pennsylvanians from being charged a fine if they don’t get health insurance.




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