Murphy ad goes negative on Kane

With the primary a week away, just how hot is the Democratic race for Pennsylvania attorney general?


On Thursday, candidate Patrick Murphy told The Inquirer there would be no negative ads against opponent Kathleen Kane.

“I’m running a positive, grassroots campaign,” said Murphy in response to a direct question about whether he would be going negative in the final run up to the Apr. 24 primary.

Four days later a Murphy attack ad airs, accusing Kane of being anti-union and pro-Corbett.

True, Kane sent then attorney general Tom Corbett a check for $500 for his 2008 re-election campaign, but she counters that she also supported many Democrats.

The ad also charges Kane’s husband’s Scranton-based trucking firm as being hostile to unions. While Kane has no role in the firm, her husband is the primary contributor to her campaign.

When asked about the sudden switch in tone Murphy spokesman, Nat Binns well, evaded the question, saying only the ad is true and “consistent with what we have said all along.”

Kane fired back that she she was disappointed that Murphy had taken a negative approach.

Then delivered a dose of negativity of her own.

In a statement Kane said, in fact, she’s pro-union and accused Murphy and his law firm, Fox Rothschild, of being anti-union.

Worse, Kane said, Murphy too has supported a Republican in the past. His memoir, noted he voted for George W. Bush.

Sit tight, it may be a barb-filled week on the primary campaign trail. Kane suggested she may go negative on the airwaves herself.

“I won't sit idly by and allow him to falsely impugn my integrity and demean all women in the process."



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