Principals' vote on tentative deal uncertain after district gives bonuses to some

Tomorrow is D-day for members of CASA to vote on the proposed contract amendments reached in a tentative deal with the district last month.

But after news of the district rewarding or promising 10 principals bonuses of $10,000 for either signing on to lead a Promise Academy, staying on past their first year or helping to implement the program, as reported in today's Daily News, union president Robert McGrogan said he's not so sure his members will take too kindly to the deal.

"Dr. Ackerman [has] a contract that she expects to be honored, but Unions have been asked for concessions related to theirs," he said.

"It appears she is asking from other employees while only offering deferrals for herself."

The principals' union, as well as the district's four other unions, were asked to give $75 million in concessions to help stave off further cuts to jobs and programs.

CASA is just one of two unions to renegotiate with the district although details of the deal have not been provided.

All performance-based step raises for members will be upheld until the conclusion of that meeting, according to CASA's website.