Prez reacts to Corbett's ed funding cuts

Channel 6 anchor Jim Gardner with President Obama

It seems even the President of the United States thinks Gov. Corbett's proposed budget - which proposes slashing $1 billion in education funding - counters his own mission and call for greater investment in education.

President Obama touched on this topic and more during an interview with local newsman 6abc anchor Jim Gardner who also asked the president what he thought about Corbett calling on teachers to take a one-year pay freeze.

In the President's words:

I think it's entirely appropriate for governors, just like I have to do, to make some tough choices; we've froze, for example, federal pay for the next couple of years, as one of way of controlling domestic spending.

But I made very clear at the federal level and I think this is true at the state level, as well, what you don't want to do is to fail to invest in those things that are going to help us grow in the future and nothing is more important than education when it comes to how well Pennsylvania is going to do in the future, how well New Jersey is going to do in the future.

My hope is as the governor, working with state legislature, looks at their budgets, they say to themselves, 'there's some things we can do without, but something we can't do without is making sure our kids are doing well K through 12, that they're going to college, that they're prepared for careers, that job training is available for people who may get laid off and want to change careers midstream.'

Those are all smart investments to make, we should squeeze inefficiencies out of other parts of government, and we should make sure that education and teachers and school systems are accountable, that we're getting out money's worth, but we don't want to shortchange our future, otherwise what we'll end up doing is just making it harder and harder for us to grow and that's not good for Pennsylvania and that's not good for America.


Most education advocates throughout Pennsylvania agree. Let's see if the General Assembly does too when they vote on Corbett's proposal next month.

The entire interview could be found on the news station's website.