Next week, parents report to school, and bring your homework

While students are home for Thanksgiving break starting Wednesday, educators are giving parents a homework assignment: Talk to your children about their schoolwork and progress. That's because parent-teacher conferences begin next week and school officials are expecting parents to come prepared.

District officials say that before the conference, parents should ask their children what subjects they enjoy most and least and the reasons for those feelings. Parents should also be mindful that students may have something specific that they want their parents to discuss with the teacher. During the conferences, teachers should share information about a child’s progress, assignments and assessments. This is also an opportunity for both schools and guardiants to share information about available services in the community and at the school.

Teachers and parents should make an action plan for how both will support the student. Most importantly, officials say, parents should discuss this plan with their child and regularly watch the child’s behavior and check homework to ensure progress is being made.

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be taking place on the following dates. 

Nov. 30 - Afternoon and Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences Grades 9-12; Dec. 1 - Afternoon Parent-Teacher Conferences K-12; Dec. 2 - Afternoon Parent-Teacher Conferences K-8; Dec. 9 - Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences K-8

Parents who have not yet received their conference scheduling or have questions about their assigned times should contact their child’s school.