Eight teachers to receive 'Hero' award tomorrow

Philadelphia teachers continue to make us proud. Eight of them won the "Teacher As Hero" award earlier this month. The award, sponsored by the National Liberty Museum and State Farm, was given to a total of 15 educators throughout the Delaware Valley.  

The winners from Philadelphia are:

Madeline Glowienka, a 18-year teaching veteran and volleyball coach at Lingelbach Elementary School, developed the Community Gardening projects. An advocate for water preservation and recycling, her passion for providing healthy food led to her class winning the school district's First Place Character Education Award and the Schuylkill Action Network Award.

Andrene Henderson, also an 18-year educator, teaches math and science at Jay Cooke Elementary, where she uses innovative technological skills to assist in the learning for special needs students.

When Blakiston Day School teacher Lynn Jacobs saw the need to help some of the teen girls at her school who were trying to answer the tough questions on their own, she stepped in. She oversees the "Investment Club," a program that helps eighth-grade girls navigate through the troubles of their adolescent years. Jacobs also volunteers as the expressive arts teacher, a position left vacant due to budget cuts.

At Stearne Elementary School, the teaching techniques of Carolyn Kivenias, a teacher of 39 years, is often videotaped and distributed as a teaching tool to demonstrate "exemplary style and content." Kivenias has an open door policy for other teachers and was named "Most Trustworthy" by her colleagues while coordinating the school's "Biggest Loser" contest.

With more teens and young adults delving into dangerous behaviors like "sexting" and cyber bullying, a teacher like Jessica Marine, is needed and appreciated. At St. Francis De Sales, Marine specializes in life lessons by incorporating students' experiences into her curriculum. She also maintains a "Safe Classroom," a neutral zone where students can voice their dreams without fear of ridicule.

Considered the "Dream Team of Educators," Kate Hayes, Elizabeth Harvey and Kendall Johnson, began the Initiative to Reward Students for Positive Behavior for students who earn good grades and achieve perfect attendance at High School of the Future. The "team" goes beyond the classroom walls to help students with planning a post graduate plan, provide winter coats for students, make sure families have a holiday meal and even provide make-up tips to prom goers.


The award ceremony is tomorrow, Jan. 27, at 6:30p.m. at the museum.