District staff to take more unpaid days in light of budget woes

In light of Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget cuts and Supt. Arlene Ackerman’s earlier decision to take 20 furlough days, to provide additional cost savings, the leadership team of the School District of Philadelphia has agreed to double the number of furlough days that they will not be paid. Originally, the group was slated to take 8 furlough days, but in a unanimous decision, they will now take 16.

"Executive staff members are committed to the continued improvement of the academic achievement of the city’s public school students and much like Dr. Ackerman’s decision felt it was the right thing to do in the face of the massive looming budget shortfall," read a statement released today by the district.

"Other non-represented members of District staff making $100,000 or more are still scheduled to take 6 furlough days."

Ackerman had not only taken the unpaid days, but decided to forego a $100,000 bonus due her this summer.

Corbett proposed cutting $550 million for basic education funding and eliminating the entire budget for charter school reimbursements.