Did you hear? Axe is coming down on non-union employees

Here is another unconfirmed rumor from inside 440:

March 31 is the day the axe will come down on a load of non-union employees in the district, according to an anonymous district source.

Termination letters have already been drafted and printed and are waiting to be distributed by personnel chief Estelle Matthews, the source said.

What isn't known is how many people are going to be affected or who. Non-union positions include managers, directors, deputy chiefs, associate superintendents, among others. Over 500 people fall under that category in the district.

As I reported in today's Daily News, the School Reform Commission voted unanimously to allow the district to fire nonunion employees as they see fit and revoke policies that guarantee benefits to those workers as it prepares to close a $500 million budget hole.

Sources say the firings, if true, are the inevitable next step in the district's plan.