Fresno County schools chief cuts pay to $30K

So you think Arlene Ackerman was being generous when she gave up money for the last year of her contract to give to Promise Academies?

Look at this guy. The Fresno Bee reported last week that a superintendent in Fresno, Calif., gave up more than 85 percent of his salary to help his cash-strapped district save money.

Larry Powell, 63, agreed to retire on Aug. 31 and sacrifice his annual salary of $235,000, as well as benefits worth more than $50,000.

The next day, he will be reappointed to the superintendent's job for $31,020 a year ... Powell's "retirement" is expected to save the district more than $800,000 over the next three years.

Ackerman, who stepped down as Philadelphia's superintendent last week, with a base severance package of $905,000, forfeited compensation for the last year of her contract. The School Reform Commission had granted her a year's extension this spring.

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