Baer Growls Archive: July, 2012

The Right Time for Rice?

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As Mitt Romney wraps up his not entirely successful foreign trip with an economic speech in Poland and heads home for a campaign sprint to... Read more

Mitt's "Build It" Campaign

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Another week, another round of Mitt's "We Did Build This" events. In fact, 18 are scheduled (just on Monday) in 12 states. And all but two... Read more

Campaign Notes: Home and Abroad

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The campaign for president, while failing to provide any serious discussion of fixing the economy by sticking with Obama is all about big government... Read more

Two-Front Update

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Okay, kids, here's your update on two fronts making news: the ongoing "who built what" spat in the presidential race, and the get-used-to-it-cuz-it-ain't-going-away... Read more

Who Built What?

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The President's recent comment about the importance of government providing public services and infrastructure to help small businesses, including... Read more

Voter ID Protest

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A voter ID protest scheduled at the state Capitol Tuesday afternoon is likely to bring lots of heat to the already boiling issues surrounding... Read more

Penn State Pain

Penn State football Monday was tackled hard by the NCAA. Expect a hue & cry out of "Happy Valley" along the lines of it isn't fair to... Read more

Sick of Hearing About Voter ID?

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Those weary of hearing about Pennsylvania's new voter ID law had better think about tuning out over the next several days -- and likely for... Read more