Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Wolf Trump

Spare us, please, from any more of Wolf Blitzer and Donald Trump, especially on the issue of Obama's birth certificate.

Wolf Trump

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

BE: First of all, what's a Wolf Trump? Is it like Wolf Trap, the wonderful performance center near Vienna, Va., just outside Washington?

JB: Hardly. It's the deadly combination of CNN's Mr. Bluster, a.k.a. Wolf Blitzer, and America's Mr. Bluster, a.k.a. Donald Trump.

BE: And why, pray tell, are you growling about them?

JB: Because they're both insufferable.

BE: And your evidence?

JB: If any more is needed, just take a look at Tuesday's on-air exchange between these two blowhards over YET AGAIN Obama's birth certificate. Here. Look & listen.

BE: So it was heated and they both called each other "ridiculous."

JB: That's one of the only things they're both right about.

BE: So you don't like big name personalities going at each other on national TV.

JB: I don't like non-issues being offered up by powerful national news networks by self-promoting celebrities under the guise of information valuable to public discourse.

BE: Guess you don't watch much cable.

JB: You know what these two preening personalities, Wolf and The Donald, remind me of?

BE: Will I be sorry I asked?

JB: Years ago, at an Orioles/Yankees game in Baltimore's old Memorial Stadium, I watched a pregame sit-down interview in front of the Yankee dugout. It was Reggie (then-a-Yankee) Jackson and ABC's Howard Cosell.

BE: Talk abouit preening personalities.

JB: After the interview, both stood up and shook hands, and a guy near me calls out, "HEY!" When Howard and Reggie turn and look at him, the guy calls out in a loud, long drawl, "Ya deserve each other!"

BE: Ah. Kinda like Wolf Trump.

JB: Exactly. Grrr.

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