Will Eddie Ever Go?

His Lordship the Edward of Rendell today called TWO Capitol press conferences, one to talk about the death penalty, one to talk about a Harrisburg art gallery he's giving some (of your) money to.

But the real art of Eddie is there'll be no death to his ongoing Edness and that, for some, is the penalty paid for feeding his over-sized, um, personality, for so long.

Fact is, despite his protestations to the contrary, this guy is going to miss the public limelight he's enjoyed for more than a-quarter century.

Even though he insists he's not leaving office (Tuesday) with any dread of what lies ahead, I think he'll be miserable out of the spotlight.

So the obvious cure for his misery is for him to continue drawing attention to himself. Count on it.

If Monday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) wasn't a state holiday, he'd call two more press conferences. As is, don't be even a little bit surprised if he surfaces at a couple of King-related public events.

And he's already threatening to come back publicly anytime the incoming administration of Gov.-elect Tom Corbett challenges anything Ed did in office or criticizes Ed's management of the Commonwealth or cuts education funding or questions Ed's "facts" about the state or, I imagine, sneezes.

He'll certainly be an ongoing presence in Philly and nationally on cable TV news. He's working on a book. He'll probably show up on Op-ed pages. He'll definetly make speeches (he says for money). And, with millions of dollars left in his campaign fund, he'll remain a political factor as he backs, endorses and funds other Democrats locally, in the state or across the country.

So get used to it, friends. No matter what the calendar says, Eddie ain't going away.