Wild Things

On days like this I get the sense the whole known world of men and beasts is going over the edge.

I blame our confrontational, take-no-prisoners politics; I think its aggressive rancor is spreading into every area of existence.

First, a bear in Perry County not far from the capital city attacked a man and wife IN THEIR HOME, according to today's Harrisburg Patriot-News.

Apparently an adult black bear (it wasn't me, I swear) followed a family's dog onto a porch and when the homeowner opened the back door and went on the porch to get the dog, the bear charged and followed him into the house.

The newspaper says the bear mauled and bit 44-year old Richard Moyer Jr., a warehouse worker, and then turned on Moyer's wife when she tried to chase it away.

The couple's 10-year old son was upstairs at the time. Both Moyers were taken to Harrisburg Hospital, treated and released.

Then I see where a woman in Idaho, walking near her rural home, was attacked by a deer.

A man and his 17-year old daughter passing by helped fight off the animal, but not before the woman and man were gored. They were treated at a nearby hospital and released.

Finally, country music star Hank Williams Jr., of "Are You Ready for Some Football?" fame, attacked civility and sanity during an interview on Fox News. He called the Obama/Boehner golf game back in June a big mistake by Republicans, comparng the outing to "Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu."

If there was any doubt who was Hitler in his analogy, he then identified "the enemy" as "Obama! And Biden! Are you kidding? The Three Stooges."

Math apparently is not a strongpoint.

Monday Night Football pulled his usual taped performance of the "Are Your Ready for Some Football?" theme song from last night's pre-game. But not to worry. We could get a lot more of Williams. There are reports he wants to run for the U.S. Senate next year.

Makes sense to me. Turn the wild things loose. Grrrr.