What a ball!

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Hey, how bout that ball, eh?

BE: You went to Tom Corbett's inaugural ball?

JB: Oh, hell no. I watched it on PCN. Terrific!

BE: Why didn't you go?

JB: Know what it's like to walk around a bunch of formally-dressed rich Republicans while wearing an Underarmour shirt, sweater, jeans, boots, ball cap and a big "media" badge?

BE: You coulda worn your tux.

JB: My tux? You know what they pay us!

BE: Good point. Well, where was it?

JB: Farm Show Building, but I didn't see one cow.

BE: They didn't have a butter sculpture of Corbett taking money from Marcellus shale drillers? What did you see?

JB: Gowns, bands, tuxes, dancing, drinking. Looked like fun. Oh, and PCN interviewed a bunch of ball-goers.

BE: Who?

JB: Well, Philly state Sens. Mike Stack and Larry Farnese.

BE: Wait, they're Democrats. What were they doing there?

JB: Saying all the right things about working together...and probably collecting per diems.

BE: What else?

JB: Well, there were interviews with Republican state women lawmakers about what designer gowns they were wearing. Just like on the red carpet.

BE: Carville was right. Politics really is Hollywood for ugly people. What were they wearing?

JB: What do I know? Looked like dresses to me. Though I can tell you there's a womens' shop in Harrisburg, and I'm not making this up, called the "Dress Barn."  Maybe, given the venue, they bought their dresses there.

BE: I think that's a national chain.

JB: Yeah, well, you would know.

BE: Other highlights?

JB: Spotlight dances for Corbett and his wife and Lt. Gov. Cawley and his wife. Big band sounds. Oh, and Cawley deep-dipped his wife and kissed her at the end of the song. Totally suave.

BE: Everybody from Bucks County is suave. Remember Mark Schweiker? How was the music?

JB: Nice mix. But not like Rendell galas. No Beach Boys. No Bon Jovi.

BE: It's a different time.

JB: It's a different party.

BE: But watching on TV? What about a real sense of the thing? What about put-the-reader-there stuff?

JB: As a one-eyed Jeff Bridges says in "True Grit"..."There ain't nothin' I can do for ya, son."