What do Democrats want?

Among findngs in a new Franklin & Marshall College poll on the Democratic primary for governor are some interesting answers suggesting what PA Democrats want from their candidate and which issues are most important to them.

The poll shows wealthy York County biz-guy Tom Wolf still holding a commanding lead over Allyson Schwartz, Rob McCord and Katie McGinty -- though with 46 percent still undecided.

But it also shows which issues are most likely to drive voters towards a decision.

You'd think, this being a Democratic primary and therefore attracting the Democratic base, a bunch of liberal stuff from the national Democratic agenda in a mid-term election year would be pretty high on the list.

Not so.

Only two issues registered double digits: education and economy/job market.

This is understandable given the beating Gov. Corbett has taken on education funding for the past three years; and the economy and jobs always are foremost in voter concerns.

But interest in other issues getting lots of noise from Democratic politicians -- marijuana, gun control, women's rights, minimum wage, health care? Not so much.

Marijuana got 1 percent; gun control, women's rights and minimum wage all got zero percent; and health care got only 4 percent.

You can see the lineup by scrolling down to page 8 of poll results.

Also, page 9 of results, shows what "personal characteristic" Democratic voters want most in their candidate. The list is topped by three things in double digits: honesty at 40 percent; and integrity and caring about people, both at 12 percent.

If findings accurately reflect the thinking of Democratic primary voters, then the winner on May 20 will be the candidate who seems most honest about his or her plans/proposals on education and economic issues.

So don't be surprised if you see the majority of TV ads from these candidates aimed directly at that sell.