What a Weekend!

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Could any newsie ask for a more news-filled weekend? It was GRRR-ATE!

BE: I thought you were a Baer, not Tony the Tiger.  But, yes, real news blew the royal marriage off the map.

JB: Just like Trump blew himself up with that f-bomb-laced speech in Vegas that got Friday off to such a great WTF? start!

BE: The Donald sounded like one of those anti-everything, know-nothing bar flies that pops off at the local watering hole after having six or seven Blue Ribbons.

JB: "Our leaders are stupid. They are stupid people," he crowed.

BE: Yeah, that doesn't seem to ring so true this morning.

JB: What about Saturday night's White House correspondents' dinner and Obama hitting Trump right between the eyes, with Trump seated in the audience?

BE: I liked the Prez's suggestion that now that the birther thing is settled Trump can focus on real issues like whether the moon-landing was fake.

JB: How about the Prez complementing Trump on his decision on "The Apprentice" to fire Gary Busey instead of Meatloaf? It was the kind of decision, said the president, that keeps him up at night. Then, to Trump, "Well handled, sir."

BE: Then you had the delicious irony of NBC forced to preempt "The Apprentice" Sunday night for reports of an imminent and major White House announcement.

JB: Almost as if he planned it that way.

BE: Kinda like killing bin Laden on the eight-year anniversary of George Bush's "Mission Accomplished."

JB: I stayed up to get in on the White House briefing call from 12:03 to 12:24 this morning. Surreal to listen to the details of the raid while watching TV shots of people outside the White House cheering and waving American flags.

BE: Talk about a change in the weather.

JB: Bad for The Donald. Worse for bid Laden. Good for the USA.

BE: It was GRR....well, you say it.