Value the Vest

Despite his intolerant, finger-wagging moral superiority, GOP candidate Rick Santorum sure has played his nerdy sweater vest to his utmost advantage.

He claims national retail sales of sweater vests are up since he started sporting one as his standard campaign uniform.

His website now offers donors sweater vests for a $100 contribution: "100% cotton, made in the USA, comes in gray...don't let sleeves slow you down."

It reports demand is so high it'll take four to six weeks for delivery.

One wonders if he'll still have an active campaign in four to six weeks.

On Fox News, he presented host Sean Hannity with one of the vests as a gift.

And on MSNBC, he quipped that he's been told that his vest is similar to an NRA logo because it represents "the right to bare arms."

Groans aside, the point is the vest represents a softer side of Santorum and provides a nice break from his fear-mongering about Islamic terrorists out to kill us all or gay Americans seeking to collapse society by getting married.

I figure the vest is here for the duration of his effort despite the fact the extended weather forecasts for Columbia and Charleston -- South Carolina's largest cities -- call for temps in the 50s and 60s.

So Rick might be sweating in his sweater as he campaigns in the Palmetto State over the next week or so. But if he doesn't do well there, after coming off a fourth or fifth-place finish in New Hampshire, the value of the vest could rapidly decline and his campaign's viability could become, ahem, divested.