(A brief discussion twixt Baer and Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)


BE: Already? What could it be so early in the week?

JB: Everything. Winter. Arizona. Name it. I should be hibernating.

BE: Some of your bosses think you have been.

JB: Very funny.

BE: Just remember, everything's cyclical.

JB: Right, and now we'll get a cycle of gun stuff with the same arguments, the same vitriol and the same results...namely nothing.

BE: Because of the Arizona shootings.

JB: Yep. Another round of gun-control advocates calling for stricter regulations, another round of NRA arguments that if everybody packed, then the harm these kinds of attacks cause could be minimized.

BE: Maybe that's good. Restart the debate.

JB: It's not. You can't legislate crazy.

BE: So what's to be done?

JB: Mourn, pray, move on.

BE: But the story's not going away.

JB: Oh, I know, we have to blame the media and fire-breathing talk radio and the anti-gubment nutbags who say if the ballot won't fix it, the bullet will and Sarah Palin's crosshairs thing. Then we'll have to endure a flurry of well-intended if unenforceable proposals to better protect public servants and the rest of us from that which there is no protection....namely random acts of insanity.

BE: Isn't it ever thus?

JB: That's my point. It's a cycle of self-serving crap from both sides of an argument that will not, cannot, ever end. Rights versus rights. NRA versus CeaseFire. I've had it.

BE: Maybe you should write about it.

JB: Grrrrr. Go away. I'm hibernating.