Top 10 reasons Pope canceled on Nutter and Corbett

Reports from Rome say Pope Francis pulled a last-minute move to avoid a private meeting with Mayor Nutter, Gov. Corbett and others seeking to lure the Pontiff to Philly in September 2015 for a world meeting on families.

Here are possible reasons why the Pope pulled the plug:

10. He heard the 2015 invite included a Phillies game.

9. Someone played him a tape of Mayor Nutter's voice.

8. Learned Corbett planned on snapping a selfie with him for a campaign ad.

7. He thought Rome trip communications person Meg Kane was PA's attorney general.

6. Francis is a fan of practical jokes.

5. Was told that a member of the PA delegation giving him gifts was wearing a wire.

4. Suspected the real reason for the meeting was to pitch a Vatican entry in the next Mummers parade.

3. Found out Archbishop Chaput forgot his photo ID.

2. Was disappoiinted PA delegation didn't include Ben Franklin impersonator.

And the #1 reason, suggested by a friend, that the Pope canceled the planned meeting with Nutter & Corbett....

He decided rather than going to Philly, he wants to visit Tom Wolf's cabinet warehouse.