Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Top 10 reasons Pope canceled on Nutter and Corbett

Reports from Rome are that Pope Francis dissed the mayor and the guv. Here are possible reasons.

Top 10 reasons Pope canceled on Nutter and Corbett

Reports from Rome say Pope Francis pulled a last-minute move to avoid a private meeting with Mayor Nutter, Gov. Corbett and others seeking to lure the Pontiff to Philly in September 2015 for a world meeting on families.

Here are possible reasons why the Pope pulled the plug:

10. He heard the 2015 invite included a Phillies game.

9. Someone played him a tape of Mayor Nutter's voice.

8. Learned Corbett planned on snapping a selfie with him for a campaign ad.

7. He thought Rome trip communications person Meg Kane was PA's attorney general.

6. Francis is a fan of practical jokes.

5. Was told that a member of the PA delegation giving him gifts was wearing a wire.

4. Suspected the real reason for the meeting was to pitch a Vatican entry in the next Mummers parade.

3. Found out Archbishop Chaput forgot his photo ID.

2. Was disappoiinted PA delegation didn't include Ben Franklin impersonator.

And the #1 reason, suggested by a friend, that the Pope canceled the planned meeting with Nutter & Corbett....

He decided rather than going to Philly, he wants to visit Tom Wolf's cabinet warehouse.



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