This is the Senator Calling

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: See that stuff out of Pittsburgh on the corruption trial of state Sen. Jan Orie and her sister?

BE: You mean the former Senate Whip charged with using her office staff for campaign work for herself and her sister who's a state Supreme Court justice?

JB: That's the one, but it's a third sister who worked for the justice who's on trial with Jane.

BE: Man, that's a whole lotta sisters.

JB: An extended family, according to trial testimony. An Orie aide says she and others were ordered to impersonate the senator on the phone. Here's a piece about it from yesterday's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

BE: So they were doing robo calls with staff as the robots.

JB: I'd love to see a call transcript. I'm thinking it would look something like this:

     Office of fat cat donor: Hello, office of fat cat donor.

     Orie staffer: Um, hi. It's, like, you know, Sen. Jane Orie calling for Mr. Moneybags.

     Office of fat cat donor: One second, please.

     Mr. Moneybags: Jane?

     Orie staffer: Hi. I was, like, just, you know, um, calling to ask you for some, like, money.

     Mr. Moneybags: Jane, it doesn't sound like you. Are you OK?

     Orie staffer: Fer sure. It's me. Jane Orie. It really is.

     Mr. Moneybags: Cause you sound like a 25-year receptionist.

     Orie staffer: Oh, yeah, right. As if! ...Anywho, can I have, like, some money?

     Mr. Moneybags: Gee, Jane, you sure you're OK? You seem distracted.

     Orie staffer: Well, I was just reading my Glamour, the lifestyle magazine for a new generation of confident women aged 18 to 34. There's a great piece on a new tool that makes your mascara go on perfectly.

     Mr. Moneybags: Uh. Jane? Your 49. And you really don't sound right to me.

     Orie staffer: OK, well, maybe if you, like, send me a check or something. And one for my sister. Gotta go. Bye.

BE: I guess that's the risk in having somebody impersonate you.

JB: Oh I don't know. A lot of elected officials in Pennsylvania impersonate public servants every day. They seem to get away with it.

BE: That's cold, dude.

JB: Grrrr!