The Ed Show

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Boy, this transition's taking longer than one might expect.

BE: Huh?

JB: Rendell to Corbett. The election was months ago. Corbett's been governor for three weeks and we continue to get more Ed than Tom. Way more.

BE: Ed's actually been doing stuff, no?

JB: I'll say. I mean since the election it's been The Ed Show, starring Ed in "a nation of wusses," and 60 Minutes and six and a-half jobs, and TV talk shows and news stories about his ongoing fundraising and his economic development grants and now, of course, his split with Midge.

BE: He's everywhere.

JB: Meanwhile, the guy who was going to reform Harrisburg, rebuild Pennsylvania, not raise taxes and usher in a new era of fiscally responsible government has been starring in The Invisible Man when he could have taken a lead, for example, in The Silence of the WAMs.

BE: You mean he coulda been in the spotlight with lots of flare, demanding an end to lawmakers' walking-around-money (WAMs) for pet projects?

JB: Right. Instead, his big reform push was a press release and a video of himself reading the press release.

BE: Should we put Corbett's photo on the side of milk cartons?

JB: Maybe. Check out Angela Couloumbis' piece in today's Inky. Says Corbett's inattention to the limelight is, you know, attracting attention.

BE: Well, how much longer can Eddie dominate the news? How much longer can we write more about the former Guv than the current Guv.

JB: That's the question, Mein Herr. And the answer is that is up to TC. Maybe he'll come out of his hole and see his shadow and we'll have six more weeks of The Ed Show.

BE: Or maybe he won't see his shadow and we can all spring forward, eh?

JB: Either way, I'll bet lots of folks are ready for a new day. Grrr.