The data on Obama's economy

Sometimes obvious stuff isn't so obvious until you see the data.

Take, for example, Gallup's findings on just how President's Obama's overall approval ratings are so tightly tied to the state of the economy.

Even as the president pushes plans to make college more affordable and bring economic relief to the middle class, as mayhem rules in Egypt and Syria, as immigration issues continue to simmer and as fear and loathing surround Obamacare, the major factor in the president's job approval (and the most important issue to Americans) is still the economy.

The Washington Post reports that we are more than six times more likely to approve of Obama if we approve of his handling of the economy,

It remains the overriding issue, more important to average folks that healthcare, terrorism or the budget deficit; and way more important than foreign affairs, education or taxes.

Check out this chart.

As such, Obama's taking job-approval hits this summer on the question of his handling the economy, according to Gallup and other national polls.

From June through July, polling by Quinnipiac, Time, CBS and The Washington Post showed the president's approval numbers between 42 percent and 45 percent.

This month, however, the number dropped to 35 percent in a Gallup poll.

Again, this is his standing based on his handling of the economy, the most determinative factor in overall approval, according to Gallup.

You can read the full story here.

So as national media continue to focus on never-ending conflicts in other countries and whether Hillary will run in 2016, the most important issue to Americans remains, obviously, the American economy.